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Building with Resene Construction Systems

Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Rockcote Systems and Plaster Systems comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice.

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Why you should use Resene Construction Systems?

In a world of ever changing values, there are still some things upon which you can rely. One of these is that Resene Construction Systems will continue to strive to produce the most innovative, performance based coatings, and cladding systems that it possibly can, whilst maintaining environmental awareness, benchmarked against the New Zealand building code, and international standards. Established in New Zealand in 1989, Resene Construction Systems specialise in the manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of premium plaster cladding systems and coatings solutions to the construction industry.

The construction process contains many facets which when combined, and applied accurately make for a shining, and durable example of the construction process, from Design and Architecture, through to the selection of products, and the trades people that apply their skills to the installation of these components.

To enhance the application and co-ordination of our product range we have developed comprehensive Onsite Assistance processes, and product solutions that set the benchmark for not only our industry rather the construction sector in general. Firstly, our OnSite Assistance programme is the only one of it's kind in our sector of the industry. It provides mandatory OnSite review of every project nationally during the construction stage, and post construction review two years after completion and issuing of warranties.

Our OnSite Assistance is viewed by us as mitigating risk from historical issues relating to external cladding weathertightness, with an ultimate objective of protecting our industry, and the consumer from poor practices.

Many of our cladding systems are BRANZ Appraised including;

Our products and systems can only be applied by registered plasterers who are PPCS qualified as a minimum standard. Many contractors hold other qualifications, such as Solid Plastering certificates and the premium Licensed Building Practioners certificate. Resene Construction Systems has driven and is heavily involved with the introduction and implementation of our industry External Plastering License Class.

You can trust in Resene Construction Systems products and systems to perform as designed for the life of the product.

"To be acknowledged as the leading provider of innovative cladding systems, solutions, and technologies"

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