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Rockcote Systems GreenSite® strategy is full circle. Raw material supply through to product application is considered with all Rockcote products and systems.

Environmental Choice

Resene is well-known for its role in introducing waterborne paint to the local market in the 1950s and for its groundbreaking move to remove lead from its decorative paint products in the late 1960s. Joining the Environmental Choice programme in 1996 was another logical step, reaffirming our commitment to the environment. Resene have the only comprehensive range of Environmental Choice paints in New Zealand approved since 1996.

Environmental Choice is a programme endorsed by the Ministry for the Environment. It is aimed at improving the quality of the environment by minimising the adverse environmental impacts generated by the production, distribution, use and disposal of products.

Joining the Environmental Choice programme also gave Resene the impetus to solve a common headache for customers caused by strong smelling paint. The solution came in two parts: Resene chemists removed virtually all odorous material from Resene Zylone Sheen, Resene Zylone 20 and Resene Ceiling Paint, giving users high quality products without strong smelling solvent odours. The end result? Users could paint interior areas and put the area back into service almost immediately, rather than waiting for days for the strong smelling odours to disappear. The incidence of headaches, asthma, nausea, respiratory complaints and allergic reactions can also be easily reduced by simply choosing to use a low odour paint. While Resene paint odour levels are not high, the patented low odour technology in Resene Zylone Sheen, Resene Zylone 20 and Resene Ceiling Paint provides more pleasant working and living conditions for those sensitive to paint odours during painting.

The second part of the solution was to introduce waterborne products that could be used in place of solventborne products, such as Resene Enamacryl and Resene Lustacryl. With the launch of these products, customers reaped the benefits of easy water washup, lower odour and a fraction of the VOCs of the solventborne products they had traditionally been forced to use for wet areas, trim and joinery.

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