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Graphex Insulated Facade System - Graphex 50mm Panel on 20mm Cavity - Acrylic RenderSpec

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Graphex Panels have the following material properties:

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.032 W/(mk)
  • Thermal Resistivity, R0.69 @40mm, R0.86 @50mm, R1.03 @60mm (The thermal calculations shown are de-rated in accordance with NZS4214)
  • Substrate Thickness: 40/50/60mm GRAPHEX Insulation panel
  • Total thickness: 45/55/65mm (min/average) coatings and substrate (excluding cavity)
  • Weight: approx 7kg/m2 coatings and substrate, considered a light weight cladding in terms of NZS3604
  • Windzone: All wind zones of 3604

Building Code Compliance

If the project has a building consent then the following clauses apply.


The work covered by this part of the specification has been designed and constructed to meet the durability performance requirements of NZBC B2.

On Going Maintenance Instructions

Provide ongoing maintenance instructions required to meet the performance requirements of the NZBC.


All the appropriate inspections are to be carried out by a BCA representative and that it complies with the NZBC requirements.



The following abbreviations are used throughout this work section:

Documents to also refer to where applicable

  • NZBC B1 Structure
  • NZBC B2 Durability
  • NZBC E2 External Moisture
  • NZBC F2 Hazardous Building Materials
  • AS/NZS 1170.2 Structural design actions - Wind actions
  • NZS 3602 Timber and wood-based products for use in building
  • NZS 3603 Timber structures standard
  • NZS 3604 Timber framed buildings
  • BRANZ Bulletin 353 Ground clearances
  • BRANZ Bulletin 418 Weathertightness do's and don'ts
  • BRANZ Bulletin 439 Condensation risk in walls

Manufacturers Documents

  • Resene Construction Systems Technical Resources
  • Resene Construction Systems TradeSpec
  • Resene Construction Systems Project Guide
  • Resene: Total Colour System

Copies of the above relevant company documents referred to in this specification are available at;

Resene Construction Systems
Telephone: 0800 50 70 40

Resene Paints
Telephone: 0800 RESENE (0800 737 363)

No Substitutions

Substitutions are not permitted to any specified Resene Construction Systems system. Materials and execution to Resene Construction Systems specification except where varied by this specification and supported by architectural detailing.


Use only LBP registered plasterers licensed to apply the Resene Construction Systems exterior render systems.


Finish Sample

Submit one 300 mm x 300 mm sample of the selected texture finish and colour for approval on request by the main contractor or specifier. Obtain signature of acceptance on sample and return to the Registered Plasterer.

Maintenance Instructions

Provide Resene Construction Systems Maintenance Guide on or before practical completion of the contract for issuing to the building owner. Resene Construction Systems Maintenance Guide to be provided on request.

Producer Statement

If the project has a building consent then a producer statement shall be supplied by the plasterer in the form as required by the BCA.

Health and Safety

Refer to the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015 and Worksafe NZ: Guidelines for the provision of facilities and general safety in the construction industry. If the elimination or isolation of potential hazards and risks is not possible then minimise hazards and risks in this work on site by using the proper equipment and techniques as required in the MPNZA Painters hazard handbook. Supply protective clothing and equipment. Inform employees and others on site of the hazards and put into place procedures for dealing with emergencies. Obtain from Resene Construction Systems the Material Safety Data Sheets for each product. Keep sheets on site and comply with the required safety procedures. Confirmation at the start of the project as to whether a Site Specific Safety Plan is to be produced by the Registered Plasterer prior to works starting.


Warrant this system under normal environmental and use conditions against failure. Resene Construction Systems system warranty.
Materials: by Resene Construction Systems - 15 Years Materials only
Execution: by Registered Plasterer - 5 Years Workmanship only

OnSite Assistance

Allow to inspect the whole of the work at each stage. Determine a programme for onsite assistance including notification when each part and stage of the work is ready for inspection prior to the work commencing. Permit representatives of Resene Construction Systems to inspect the work in progress and to take samples of their products from site if requested.


RCS 20mm Graphex Battens

  • 40mm x 20mm H-Grade Graphex Peel and Stick Batten
  • Supplied in Boxes
  • 228 units in a box
  • AS 1366 Part 3 Class H (with fire retardant).

Graphex 50mm

  • 2400 x 1200
  • 50mm Thick
  • Allow for 10% Wastage when Installing
  • AS 1366 Part 3 Class H (with fire retardant).

Nails (Preloaded) 110mm

  • Flat-head, hot-dipped galvanised and 40 mm diameter nylon washers.
  • 110mm x 3.55

RCS Drip Edge (Window Heads)

  • Supplied in 2400mm Lengths
  • Used with both the EdgeSeal Head Flashing and also the Universal Starter Strip

RCS EdgeSeal Head Flashing

  • Supplied in 2.4m Lengths
  • Generally requires the Drip Edge Flashing

RCS EdgeSeal Window Flashing

  • Used for sill and jamb installations
  • Supplied in 2400mm lengths

RCS Pre-meshed Corners

  • Supplied in 2400mm Lengths

RCS Starter Strip (50mm Clip-On)

  • Supplied in 2400mm Lengths
  • Suitable for 50mm Substrates
  • Allows for a 20mm Cavity

Rockcote PM100 Quick Render Base Coat

  • Polymer-modified cement-based dry plaster mix. Supplied in 20 kg bags
- View Technical Data Sheet - View Safety Data Sheet

RCS Blue Mesh (1200mm wide)

  • Alkali Resistant 6mm x 5mm Weave mesh supplied in 50m rolls
- View Technical Data Sheet

Rockcote PM100 Quick Render Level Coat

  • Polymer-modified cement-based dry plaster mix. Supplied in 20 kg bags
- View Technical Data Sheet - View Safety Data Sheet

Rockcote RenderPrime

  • Water based acrylic polymer dispersion. Supplied in 15 litre pails.
- View Safety Data Sheet

Bostik MS Sealant (Tubes)

  • 550gm Cartridges
- View Technical Data Sheet - View Safety Data Sheet

Rockcote Classico

  • 100% acrylic, high-build texture coating. Supplied in 15 Litre pails
- View Technical Data Sheet - View Safety Data Sheet

Resene X200 (2 Coats)

  • Acrylic reinforced waterproof membrane. Supplied in 4 and 10 litre pails. Tinted to the selected colour
- View Technical Data Sheet - View Safety Data Sheet


The following Resene Construction Systems TradeSpec® Documents can be found at
All Technical Data Sheets are available at
All Safety Data Sheets are available at


This specification must be read in conjunction with the Resene Construction Systems technical drawings.
No alteration to the Resene Construction Systems RenderSpec® is permitted.
This Resene Construction Systems RenderSpec® must be read in conjunction with Resene Construction Systems TradeSpec® available at
All Technical Data Sheets are available at
All Safety Data Sheets are available at