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Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Incorporating both Rockcote and Plaster Systems, these solutions comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice.

HydroPlast is a dry powder hydrophobic plaster for use as a tanking membrane over prepared Masonry, gypsum board, EPS & XPS insulation board, Resene Construction System facades. Typical Uses: Reinforced Base Coat Plaster applied over the substrate. Typically used around Concrete block and ICF Block window and other openings. Also for use in Bathrooms, Foundations, parapets, balustrade tops to provide a waterproof coating ready to accept Resene Construction Systems finishing coats. Expectation: HydroPlast will cure to form a strong, hydrophobic, flexible and crack resistant background which will accept Resene Construction Systems finishing coats. Limitations: Do not apply more than 2mm per coat. Can be used with or without reinforcing mesh dependant on specified application. If applying to foundations, parapets, balustrade tops 150gsm Alkali resistant fibreglass mesh must be applied.