2.12 Check and Prepare Insitu/Precast Concrete

Preparation based on new substrate installations.

2.12.1. Preliminary Checks

Check surface to identify any irregularities i.e. bug holes, blow holes, etc have been adequately prepared.

(Refer to 4.10 Rockcote MultiStop Substrate Patching)

2.12.2. Builder Supplied Flashings

Make sure all builder supplied flashings are in place. (Refer to Rockcote TradeSpec™ document 3.2 Builder Supplied Flashings) for a list of possible builder supplied flashings.

2.12.3. Control/Expansion Joints

for more information about control joints refer to TradeSpec™ Document 1.4 – Control Joints

2.12.4.Colour selection

For further information on Light Reflectance Values (LRV) refer to TradeSpec™ Document 1.6 – Light Reflectance Values

2.12.5. Clean Surface

Apply Resene Roof Wash & Paint cleaner to degrease the substrate. (Refer to 5.2 Resene Roof Wash & Paint cleaner)

Do not apply Rockcote Render Prime /Limelock when the outside air temperature is below 5°C, or above 35°C or when these temperatures will occur within 24 hours of application.

Any Renders should be sealed within 14 days of curing and leave no longer than four weeks before the application of Rockcote Texture / Paint Finish