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At LV Plastering Ltd we take pride in creating quality work for our clients. My name is Lester Chen, and my company has been operating for six years. I am a Licensed Building Practitioner. I can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We employ 12 staff members and carry out a wide range of external & internal plaster work and effects. We enjoy working for some of Canterbury and Auckland's best builders and have been involved in projects large and small. Please view our gallery to see some of our work. My team of skilled craftsmen tackle a wide range of work from complete plaster facade installation and finishing, also premium interior plaster finishing, right through to general exterior plastering of landscaping walls, fences and renovations. Please check out some of the awards we have won. We understand, and appreciate the importance of accurate installation of our products and services too each and every project. The system installation, and finish right down to the colour on your house is one of the first things that people see, so we aim to give you the best finish possible. We use Resene Construction Systems products, as we believe their OnSite Assistance program coupled with their innovative & professional range of products offers the best solution on the market. We also offer you a full plaster facade warranty on completion of your residence and can carry out maintenance and painting on your property if required.

在LV Plastering Ltd,我们为我们的客户创造高质量的工作而感到自豪。我是Lester Chen,我在新西兰已经有超过30年的外墙水泥经验。我的公司(LV Plastering Ltd)已经加盟 Rockcote公司超过六年了, 我们公司是专门做Resene Construction System Products。我是持牌执业的水泥外墙师(Licensed Building Practitioner)。我会说流利英语,广东话和普通话。我们公司有12名员工,开展各种各样的外部和内部批灰工作和效果。我们喜欢为坎特伯雷和奥克兰的一些最佳建筑商工作,并参与无数的大小项目,请游览我们公司的照片看看我们一些工程和我们一群技能熟练的团队处理各种各样的项目,从完整的石膏门面安装和精加工还有优质的室内石膏精加工,直到一般外墙抹灰,围墙和装修。请游览我们赢得的一些奖项并了解每个项目对我们的产品和服务的准确安装的重要性。系统安装和完成到颜色是人们看到的第一件事情之一,所以我们的目标是给你最好的外墙质量和效果. 我们使用Resene建筑系统产品,因为我们相信他们的现场援助计划加上他们的创新和专业的产品系列提供了市场上最好的解决方案。我们还为您提供完整的外墙保修服务,完成您的住所,并且可以根据需要对您的房产进行维护和喷漆。

– Resene Construction Systems Business Achievement Award 2013
– Resene Construction Systems Southern Region Commercial Project Winner 2014
– Resene Construction Systems High Distinction Award 2015
– Resene Construction Systems Northern Region Group Housing Winner 2019

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Phone: 0800 210 888
Mobile: 021 626 879