Take into consideration the type of work that is required, & the time of year you want to get it done. Most external maintenance is completed in the summer as this is generally the best weather for drying and for general outside work such as gardening. If you are planning on fixing brackets, security lights, or any other fixture to the exterior make sure you have the skills & equipment to undertake the task.

If you are unsure call a specialist.

If it relates to a penetration through the Resene Construction Systems exterior cladding call us direct on 0800 50 70 40 – a simple phone call could save you time & money later.

Maintenance sounds difficult & costly – in fact it can be quite the opposite.

It can become difficult & costly if it is never undertaken, by which time other issues may have arisen that could have been acted upon sooner through regular general maintenance.

There are virtually no “maintenance free” exterior claddings on the market, in fact almost nothing is maintenance free – many people tend to throw things away these days when they breakdown as it is cheaper than getting it fixed. This is not the case with your exterior cladding, you can’t just throw it away, it is protecting your family & your belongings. It is quite interesting to note that most people maintain their garden, & vehicle so they look good. Yet when it comes to cleaning the exterior windows, & walls or clearing leaves from a blocked gutter it seems to get left alone as it is perceived to be “difficult” or there are better things to do, maybe the dirt & leaves will simply dissapear one day. This generally isn’t the case & regular maintenance is required.

One of your major life investments is property so why not look after it?

Resene Construction Systems has produced a complete maintenance guide – this package is designed to advise you of your obligations as the owner not only for the long term performance & look of your Resene Construction Systems exterior cladding, but to comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

General Maintenance is a requirement of the Resene Construction Systems Performance Guarantee.