Driven to create surfaces that make a living environment feel good to live in, we believe the tactile nature of plaster cladding is unrivaled. The inherently human finish exudes a warmth and quality that can only be created by something crafted by skilled hands.

Refining this quality has taken us on an inspiring product development journey. Our integrated materials —including the iconic Rockcote products — work
together to create a diverse range of finishes. All so you can enjoy a natural, timeless surface quality in your home.

The construction process contains many facets which when combined, and applied accurately make fora shining, and durable example
of the construction process, from Design and Architecture, through to the selection of products, and the trades people that apply their
skills to the installation of these components.

At Resene Construction Systems we only promote the best products, solutions and practice for each and every solution we provide. With this in mind, we have created this guide to assist you through the construction process.

If you have any questions relating to Resene Construction Systems products, or systems, feel free to contact us direct by free calling 0800 50 70 40

Designed, Tested &
Manufactured in New Zealand

Our systems have been designed for New Zealand
conditions and rigorously tested here to
withstand our unique climate and protect your
investment. We purchase raw materials and
manufacture locally at our own facilities to
support New Zealand.

Performance Guaranteed

A complete process that includes our exclusive
OnSite technical assistance and documentation
that helps to ensure your Resene Construction
Systems products & systems exceed the
requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

Consistent with
Resene Colours

Our premium mineral or coloured
plaster finish ranges are tinted with ‘Genuine’
Resene colourants to your selected colour,
these plaster finishes are overcoated with
‘Environmental Choice’ accredited
Resene paint finishes which give you
an easy clean, and durable surface you can trust