The Resene Construction Systems Performance Guarantee provides you with the assurance that your exterior is backed up by one of New Zealand’s largest privately owned companies – Resene Paints Ltd.

The Resene Construction Systems Performance Guarantee process starts once you accept your registered plasterers quote. It includes on-site assistance and documentation that help to ensure your Resene Construction Systems cladding system meets or exceeds the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. When you accept your quote, we will be advised by your registered plasterer of your project. Your project will be given a unique pre-construction code, which will identify your project throughout the installation process.

Documentation needs to be completed by the plasterer to the satisfaction of Resene Construction Systems to ensure compliance with the specified exterior cladding system(s); Pre-construction code information (supplied by your registered plasterer to Resene Construction Systems on quote acceptance).

It is the responsibility of your registered plasterer to complete any pre/post cladding documentation in conjunction with the main contractor.

When the above information is complete, and returned to us, we will issue directly to you the ‘Resene Construction Systems Care’ pack. This contains some valuable information, which should be kept with other important construction records. In particular, your exterior cladding producer statement which your local territorial authority requires as part of their Code of Compliance process.

Your Resene Construction Systems Care Package includes;
• Maintenance Guide
• 15 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
• 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
• Producer Statement
• LBP Statement

Copies of the producer statement, and the Resene Construction Systems project assessor report will be
enclosed for you to pass onto your local council inspector for their records.

The Resene Construction Systems Performance Guarantee covers all products as per the approved specification that have been installed to your project.