Resene Construction Systems GreenSite strategy is full circle. Raw material supply through to product application is considered with all Rockcote products and systems.
The process monitors the resources we use and the waste that is produced, whilst maintaining consideration of the environmental performance and the applications of our products.
Resene Construction Systems Incorporates ‘new’ recyclable materials into products ensuring we don’t compromise; Strength, durability, or integrity. Ultimately reducing our impact on the environment. New Recyclables that are currently included in virtually all Rockcote Systems are;
• EPS – new grind from local EPS manufacturers is incorporated into our lightweight plaster products such as LiteRock.
• Glass – refined recycled glass is incorporated into all Rockcote base renders replacing a natural component of sand as a filler.
Since the inception of LiteRock Solid Plaster over twenty years ago we have utilized over 10,000 cubic metres of new recyclable EPS waste.

Environmental Choice

Resene Paints is well-known for its role in introducing waterborne paint to the local market in the 1950s and for its groundbreaking move to remove lead from its decorative paint products in the late 1960s. Joining the Environmental Choice programme in 1996 was another logical step, reafirming our commitment to the environment. Resene have the only comprehensive range of Environmental Choice paints in New Zealand approved since 1996.

Environmental Choice is a programme endorsed by the Ministry for the Environment. It is aimed at improving the quality of the environment by minimising the adverse environmental impacts generated by the production, distribution, use and disposal of products.

Paint Recovery

Reduce, reuse, recycle with Resene.

Recognising that environmentally friendly products are just one piece of the sustainability matrix, Resene  launched the Resene PaintWise programme, focused on delivering unwanted paint and paint packaging recovery services and education to minimise the impact of paint wastes on the environment.

Following nearly five years of development, Resene PaintWise, the first comprehensive local product stewardship program for home decorators, was launched in 2004 by Resene to encourage paint users to minimise the effects of their decorating on the environment. The first year of Resene PaintWise included an unwanted paint and paint packaging recovery trial in Auckland to help homeowners recycle and dispose of their unwanted paint and paint packaging. Thousands and thousands of cans were returned to the Resene PaintWise service, some empty, many partially full of paint. Waterborne paint was donated to community groups, metal cans were recycled and solventborne paint sent to solvent recovery to allow the solvents to be reused in other industries.

Responsible recovery progressed rapidly following the 2004 trial, with a permanent Resene PaintWise service being launched in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty on 1 September 2005, in the South Island on 1 August 2006 and the lower North Island in 2007. Residents in those areas can bring in unwanted paint and paint packaging, any brand, to selected Resene ColorShops. A PaintWise mobile truck service visits the stores, processing the materials received before returning to its depot.

Good quality Resene paint is provided free to community groups, other waterborne paint is consolidated and provided to uses such as graffiti obliteration work, metal packaging is recycled and solventborne paint is sent to solvent recovery. Returned paint is also being incorporated into Resene Construction System RenderPrep, which uses the properties of the paint help seal and aid in the curing of plaster over masonry surfaces..

In the two years to end of 2008, over 300,000 packs were collected from Resene ColorShops and over 100,000kg from council depots. Of this, over 120,000kg of steel was recycled, over 80,000 litres of solventborne paint was sent to solvent recovery so the solvents could be reused and over 60,000 litres of waterborne paint was donated to community groups, much of which was used to cover graffiti.

The programme doesn’t stop there though. The Resene PaintWise service is proactively being expanded to make paint and paint packaging recovery a reality for more and more paint users.

Bring unwanted paint and paint containers into your local Resene ColorShop and let us recycle or dispose of them responsibly. Resene will offer good quality Resene paint to community groups for reuse, recycle packaging materials that are recyclable, send solventborne paints to solvent recovery, find alternative uses for waterborne paints, such as graffiti abatement, and dispose of the rest for you.

Selected Resene ColorShops have been designated as Resene PaintWise Collection Centres. Drop off your unwanted paint and paint containers to any of these designated Resene ColorShops at any time during their opening hours.