The Rockcote Edge Seal Flashing is the latest advance in flashing technology. Designed and Developed by the Rockcote Resene Technical Team over the past 2 years. It answers many if not all the issues faced by the plastering industry in relation to;

  • Multiple cladding junctions – attaches to prepared; colour steel, zincalume, powder coated aluminium, fibre cement sheet, glass, wood and most other smooth painted surfaces.
  • Anti capillary – Provides for 12mm anti-capillary gap between adjoining substrates.
  • Installation – Fast, easy, & accurate installation via the permanent bonding self adhesive strip.
  • Cost Efficient – Eliminates the requirement for assorted jamb & sill flashings for different systems, eliminates wastage, and dead stock.
  • Reduction in uPVC – minimises uPVC thermal stress and resultant hairline cracking of coatings.
  • No Corner soakers – no requirement for Rockcote Jamb/Sill corner soakers as the primary cause of stress cracking at this internal junction (uPVC thermal stress) has been minimised.
  • No limit length – the flashing can be butt joined to eliminate wastage.
  • Flexible joint – Multiple co-extruded rubber joints allow for dissimilar substrate movement.
  • Flexible ‘elbow’ joint – Co-extruded rubber ‘elbow’ allows multiple angles to be achieved, ie sills, raking soffits etc.
  • Plaster clearance – 6mm primary connector leg allows for ample clearance when plastering to ensure no plaster contacts the adjacent substrate.
  • Pressure equalisation chamber – If the first co-extruded rubber membrane is broken the second layer remains intact to resist moisture penetration.
  • Rockcote GreenSite approved component ; Minimises waste during construction process / flashing can be joined. Reduces uPVC material required to achieve an equivilent flashing.
  • BRANZ tested and passed to the E2 VM1 Weathertightness test criteria

Designed and made in New Zealand.