TV Documentary – TV One – June 8 at 11.30am

The Trillian Variety Bash – Countdown to 25 yrs in New Zealand

Brought to you by Haier

2015 is the 25th Year of the Variety Bash and we are very pleased to be involved in this amazing event.

On June 8th at 11.30am on TV One, a half hour program on this year’s Variety Bash will be aired. It is hosted by Simon Dallow, Mark Wright and Ewen Gilmour.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Resene Construction Systems Big Black fire truck, and the RCS Variety Bashers who travelled around spreading heaps of Fun & Laughter to loads of kids around the East Cape region this year.

Watch the show to get an inside look at what the Variety Bash is about, what the ‘Bashers’ get up too, and the resulting hilarity and joy that follows.