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Resene Construction Systems is pleased to sponsor this educational event in supporting accurate construction knowledge to the industry.

Accredited CPD points available

NZRAB – 30 CPD points
ADNZ – 3 CPD points
BOINZ – 2.5 CPD points
LBPs – 1 hour of learning = 1 point

During May, June and July, BRANZ will be presenting a series of seminars for designers, engineers, builders and BCAs providing a technical update and answers to important technical questions to the BRANZ Helpline:

  • What is the content and importance of MBIE advisory notes?
  • For bracing, how are along and across defined?
  • Why can’t I substitute a similar product that I can get cheaper?
  • Why is installing cladding over a cavity considered easier than direct fixing?
  • Why is the scope of a BRANZ Appraisal important?
  • How close to the edge of a slab can a fixing be?
  • How much bracing is provided by existing construction?
  • Why is an air barrier important in a wall cladding system?
  • How do we know cavities work – the science behind cavities – the 4Ds?
  • Why are multipliers used in NZS 3604 tables?
  • How can I use the E2/AS1 risk matrix as a design tool?
  • Are the 4Ds of weathertightness still relevant?
  • What is the way to work out the loaded dimension and member spans?
  • Why can my deck joists have a longer span, and how do I calculate bracing?
  • What do I need to consider when specifying wall underlays and flexible flashing tapes?
  • Why do I have to use stainless steel with some new timber treatments?
  • How can we utilise the benefits of diaphragms and dragon ties?
  • What are the advantages and drawbacks of top venting of cavities?
  • What are the differences between a wet cavity and a dry cavity?
  • How were risk scores of the E2/AS1 risk matrix determined?
  • How can I use E2/AS1 to support another way of detailing?
  • What are the rules for tying down roof framing and lintels?

…and much, much more

We’ll include questions you wish to ask on the day – definitely a technical update and clarification session not to be missed.