Rockcote is pleased to announce the inclusion of our latest system to the market – Rockcote Resene Monotek® System.
Our fully BRANZ appraised textured finishing system is now available for use around New Zealand.

click here to view our BRANZ appraisal – 500 (2007)

Rockcote Systems are an official James Hardie – Jointing and Textured Finished System Partner

The E2/AS1 requires the jointings and texture coatings to be tested as EM4 on the substrate on which they are intended to be applied. Monotek® Sheet Cladding has been tested with different jointing and texture coating products. These texture coating systems have passed the EM4 test requirements and comply with the E2/AS1 requirements.

The latest Rockcote Systems Technical Manual is being released in mid September 2007.

We have re-formatted the entire technical manual which includes the all new Rockcote RenderSpec & Rockcote TradeSpec documents. The manuals are available as direct download from our website, click here to access website, CD Rom, or more traditional hard copy manuals. click here to request our latest information.

If you have any questions regarding our latest information we can be contacted on 0800 50 70 40.

The Rockcote ECO Render System has been loaded into the MasterSpec service. The update to the MasterSpec service takes effect on July 1st.

The Masterspec codes are for this new addition are –
4282RQ masterspec standard

4209RQ masterspec basic

So you are looking at purchasing a house or wanting to find out more information on a residence such as the colour or system, well you can do this now with our new online tool for verifying if a residence is Rockcote. Just type in the street name, and you will be presented with no more than 25 residences matching the search. On clicking on the one that matches the house you are viewing you can then find out what system was installed, the colour, and if warranty information has been issued on the house.

click here to view the ‘verify an address tool’

Refurbishing the exterior of your home can be as simple as a coat of paint, but changing the whole exterior facade adds a modern look without the expense of rebuilding.
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Rockcote Information Feeds allow you to be kept up to date with various parts of out Technical Information. Whenever we make an update you can be the first to know.

We have the following information feeds

  1. News – this keeps you up to date with what is happening at Rockcote.
  2. Drawings – this feed will let you know when any new drawings come out.
  3. Technical Bulletins – this has all our latest bulletins and like the other feeds keeps you up to date.

for more information click here on what feeds are and how you can use them to keep up to date.

Rockcote Systems has always had a close association with various trades and organisations. We have now paired up with Eboss who provide a service to specifiers that enables them to get accurate information fast.

With the release of the amended Building Code came many changes for homeowners, specifiers and Territorial Authorities, this included indentifying the risk of the structure that you are building or drawing. Rockcote Systems has now developed a tool that will help you work out the risk factor for your house and help you select the right system for the right conditions. This tool can be found under the specifier or territorial authority section of our website.
click here to use the tool