At Rockcote we promote the best cladding & construction solutions available to us. Recently we were introduced to SafeKiwi which acts as an independent third party in a financial transaction. SafeKiwi allows two parties to trade with confidence knowing that checks and processes are in place to reduce the likelihood of loss. Both parties are treated fairly so that neither suffers a loss. Either the buyer or the seller enters his/her details on the application page. Once complete an invitation is sent to the other party asking them to complete their details. The buyer then pays in the deposit or the funds. The seller is notified that the funds are now held and will be paid out once the job is done or the service is complete. At the appropriate time and when SafeKiwi is advised by the customer the funds are transferred into the supplier’s bank account. The transaction is considered complete.

Click here for more information on SafeKiwi.

HAZARDCO – A Practical Approach To Health & Safety

Rockcote Systems take Health and Saftey seriously. One of the primary concerns within the construction industry is achieving accurate compliance in a no fuss way. we have found HazardCo‘s approach to be sensible and practical for all building industry trades.
HazardCo take a practical approach to Health & Safety. They realise that it is impossible for the Construction Industry to be totally compliant and have developed the HazardCo Programme accordingly. They know the Department of labour want the Industry to start doing the basics – with a programme that is “active” and makes a difference on site.

HazardCo Directors, Mark Potter and Gavin Karl, have over 40 years experience in construction and they know what you want. A Health & Safety Programme that takes little time to administer, offers you protection, makes your work sites safer, and is not expensive.

The extraordinary success of HazardCo in it’s first twelve months proves that this is the answer – join us and find out why for yourself.

Rockcote customers can now select the right colours for their home and renovations with confidence, thanks to Resene EzyPaint.
Originally launched as an easy interior and exterior paint specification system, EzyPaint gave people the opportunity to colour a range of buildings with a combination of colours and hues from the Resene range of paints.
However the platform has now been significantly upgraded.
Utilising high quality 3-dimensional, photo-reality imagery, both residential and commercial users can experiment by applying a variety of leading NZ building improvement products across both interior and exterior house surfaces.
Using this toolbox, the full range of Rockcote textures can be viewed realistically in a range of 3-D house and landscaping environments. You can even import imagery of your own home and experiment in the same way!
The system has an extensive gallery of products to choose from, incorporating basic information on each.
To download the view the Resene EzyPaint programme click through to the Resene website here.

We would like to welcome Mr Brendon Emms into the newly designated ‘Tasman Region’
Brendon is based in Nelson out of the Resene ColorShop and will be responsible for sales and technical enquiries within the Tasman region which covers the West Coast, Nelson, Blenhiem, and through to Kaikoura in the East.
Everyone at Rockcote Resene wishes Brendon all the best in his new role.
Brendon can be contacted on 021 224 3505, or email [email protected]

We would like to welcome Mr Brendon Clarkson into the Bay of Plenty Region
Brendon is based in Tauranga and responsible for sales and technical enquiries within the B.o.P region which covers the Waikato, Corromandel, Tauranga, Rotorua, through to Whakatane in the South.
Everyone at Rockcote Resene wishes Brendon all the best in his new role.
Brendon can be contacted on 021 222 6000, or email [email protected]

CINZ is a small organisation that acts as a facilitator to bring together the resources of the many sectors that make up the claddings market. Over the last few years much of the focus has been on raising awareness the weather-tightness issue. Now the Institute’s focus is moving to education of the industry based on the latest available information. Rockcote Systems has a long standing involvment with this organisation. Mike Olds G.M. Rockcote Resene Ltd is a member of the CINZ executive.

New Zealand home owners can now get independent, tailored information on how they can live in warmer, healthier homes that cost less to run.

Government Spokesperson on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Jeanette Fitzsimons today formally launched Home Energy Ratings in New Zealand.

Ms Fitzsimons says research shows 86 percent of homeowners are interested in information about how they can make their home more energy efficient, and 91 percent of people thought it would be useful to know how energy efficient a home was before they bought it.

"Most people wouldn’t buy a used car without an AA check. Yet a home costs much more than a car, and lasts longer. Up till now there’s been nowhere to go to get a similar check for your house, or for a house you are thinking of buying.

"This voluntary scheme will provide homeowners with the information they need to make informed choices around the way they use energy in their houses."

A home energy rating is an independent assessment of the energy performance of a home including how well the building’s design, construction and orientation enables it to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and how efficient the space heating and water heating are. It is expressed as a star rating that will enable comparisons between one house and another. The assessment also includes expert recommendations about the most cost-effective ways to improve the home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

"For people selling a home, it will help get value back for the investment you’ve made in insulation or solar water heating. It will also tell you what to do next to add to the sale value. For people buying, it will tell you how big your power bills are likely to be and help you avoid buying a lemon.

Home energy ratings are part of a package of Government action working towards warmer, drier, healthier homes with reduced energy costs for Kiwi families. Other initiatives include interest free loans and grants to install energy efficiency measures, and the ongoing insulation of low-income houses.

Rockcote TradeSpec version 1.1 is now available direct from our website click here to view our latest tool to assist tradespeople, BCA’s, & specifiers with application and installation instructions for our systems.

Rockcote Systems is pleased to be listed on the lastest  ‘green’ construction wesite – GreenBuild.

click here to enter GREEN BUILD

GreenBuild was created to provide a common portal for technical information on all building products and materials used in New Zealand. We strive to provide you with all the information you require when choosing products

Designed to encourage best practice, GreenBuild provides you with the following benefits:

* A comprehensive database of building products and materials
* Access to enhanced product page listings, compliance information and links to specifications.
* The ability to compare products quickly and easily according to their environmental performance.
* Direct links to leading organisations in the industry

Rockcote Systems – Reduce Reuse labelled products incorporate new recyclable materials into various Rockcote products.

The new recyclables would have previously been discarded to the local refuse station, as they had no further use. Over ten years ago we developed products & systems that incorporate these ‘new’ waste products.
Rockcote LiteRock Solid Render was our first Reduce Reuse product. Developed over 10 years ago. In this time we have incorporated over 10,000 cubic metres of new recyclable, re-ground EPS into this render that would have been previously dumped.

Out latest introduction to our Reduce Reuse range is Rockcote MAX Render – designed for use over masonry & clay brick construction. We will be releasing further updates on this new product in the coming weeks.

These Rockcote Solutions minimise our impact on the environment ensuring we don’t compromise –
Strength, Durability, or Integrity.