Resene Construction Systems your Future-Proof Building partner. Resene Construction Systems has many products and solutions that incorporate features and solutions that will improve your quality of life now and ensure your home maintains and improves its future value.

Energy Efficiency

Resene Construction Systems Insulated Cladding Systems, such as the Integra, Graphex and EPS Systems add comfort to your project by reducing day/night temperature fluctuations. These systems add further exterior wall insulation to that already installed. All this to create a more comfortable living space year after year.

Quality Assurance

Resene Construction Systems are the only Plaster cladding supply company providing technical OnSite Assistance™ to every project nationally. Our programme provides pre-determined checks by our technical team. To back this support up we revisit each and every completed project two years after completion to ensure no post construction work compromises the integrity of our products, and your investment. All our BRANZ appraised Systems are audited annually.

Resource Responsibility

Resene Construction Systems GreenSite™ strategy is full circle. Raw material supply through to product application is considered with all Resene Construction Systems products and systems. The process monitors the resources we use and the waste that is produced, whilst maintaining consideration of the environmental performance and the applications of our products.

Resene Construction Systems best GreenSite™ practice not only includes our product supply it follows that we provide increased awareness to the trades people applying our systems in two fundamental areas;

Water – Best methods of minimising water usage
Waste – Best methods of minimising site waste

Sound Control

Resene Construction Systems Integra LWC Facade, Enduron LWC Facade, and standard Masonry Render Systems provides improved acoustic properties due to the substrates abilities to absorb sound. Ideal for those projects that are close to busy roads or for those that just like it quiet.