Rockcote Systems Registered Plasterers hold 50% of the total LBP plastering class registrations completed. With three pending confirmation on top of this. Our efforts not only apply to the products and systems we have developed. The key to advancing and providing accurate, durable solutions that the consumer can rely on is how they are installed.  The External Plastering License Class is one of the many selected areas of the construction process that will enhance and provide confidence to the industry.

The public can have confidence that licensed building practitioners working on their homes and buildings are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right the first time.

Rockcote Systems is pleased to advise the following Rockcote Registered Plasterers are LBP – external plastering class registered.

Barry Galbraith - Nelson
Kevin McCann - Invercargill 
Todd Adlam - Nelson
Al Turner - Blenheim 
Glenn Munro - Christchurch
Julian Robertson - Christchurch 
Walter Wilson - Christchurch 
Alex O’donnell - Christchurch 
Craig O’neil - Christchurch 
Chris Jordan - Christchurch 
Rob Krom – Christchurch
Craig Sullivan – Christchurch (awaiting)
Greg Proudfoot - Christchurch (awaiting)
Bruce Karton - Timaru (awaiting)
Get the best knowledge, skills, & workmanship from these plasterers.
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Registered Rockcote Plastering teams,

Please find following the latest advice from the Department of Building and Housing regarding National Licensing. In essence, changes have been made in response to input from the LBP(Licensed Building Practitioner) assessors, and feedback from the industry. The changes are also in alignment with the Government focus on efficient and quality regulation.

You should all be very aware of the Building website –

The following Rockcote Registered Plasterers are now LBP’s – external plastering class

Mr Barry Galbraith – Nelson – registration # 100547 (assessor)

Mr Julian Robertson – Christchurch – registration # 100724 (assessor)

Mr Al Turner – Blenhiem – registration # 100802

Mr Todd Adlam – Nelson – registration # 100858

DBH changes –

Roofing, External Plastering, Bricklaying and Blocklaying, and Carpentry — two technical referees

All trade class applications, including the new Foundations class, now require only two technical referees.

The requirement for a client referee is removed. This is because a client referee tends to lack sufficient technical knowledge and is generally unable to verify technical elements, which is the key element of the competencies. The technical referees should be able to provide sufficient evidence of the applicant’s installation of technical components and/or systems.

Referees are no longer required to sign the application form.

Roofing, External Plastering, Bricklaying and Blocklaying—no more photos

Roofing, External Plastering, and Bricklaying and Blocklaying licence class applications no longer require photos. The new Foundations class does not require photos either.

The necessity of photos as supporting evidence was considered. Whilst feedback was favourable towards keeping the photos, concerns were raised. Submitted photos are not always numbered and verified, photos taken by cell phones lack clarity, and not all photos submitted show the critical components required.

Site and Carpentry applications do not require photos. This created an inconsistency across the scheme, and a disparity in the evidence and work required across applicants. Given assessor concerns, the inconsistencies, the extra compliance cost, and that they are further evidence than is required under the LBP Rules, the requirement for photos is removed.

Roofing, External Plastering, Bricklaying and Blocklaying and Foundations—areas of practice

An applicant can be assessed in one or more areas of practice. Once licensed, an LBP must work within their scope of individual competence, which means they only undertake work they are competent to do. For example, if they are licensed in Bricklaying and Blocklaying area of practice 1 — Veneer, and they begin work on a project that involves structural masonry, they may continue work on that project. If the project is not within their scope of individual competence, but they want to develop their competence in structural masonry, they could be supervised by an LBP licensed in Bricklaying and Blocklaying area of practice 2 —Structural masonry.

However, if they do an incompetent job, they could have a complaint laid against them, and would need to be able to adequately justify to the Building Practitioners Board why they worked outside their area of practice.

Where an applicant has applied to be licensed in a licence class for a particular area of practice, the assessor may recommend to the Registrar that the applicant should be licensed in respect of a different or additional area(s) of practice.

Thank you again for this most important work you do.

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