5.10 Cleaning Up

Resene Construction Systems products will mark aluminium joinery and roofing.

Remove debris, unused materials and elements from the site relating to the plaster system application.

Replace damaged, cracked or marked elements. Leave the whole of this work to the required standard.

Any overspray / droppings must be cleaned off immediately.

Carefully peel back masking tape so that the masked edge is left undisturbed.

Remember, it is important not to leave this job till last.

Clear away masked areas as soon as is practicable, preferably while the texture coat is still ‘green’.

This will enable you to clean all masked edges with a wet paint brush and remove any larger dags of texture.

After paint application is complete, remove masking wrap and tape, and clean off any over spray etc immediately after taking the wrap off.

Clear sites properly, particularly over-cladding jobs.

5.10.1. Maintenance

Any damage to texture must be repaired as soon as possible to prevent water penetration and ensure that the high strength properties of the fibreglass mesh is maintained. Any impact damaged areas must be thoroughly cleared of any loose material and repaired with Rockcote Render. This will ensure a positive bond between the original Render and the repaired area. Re-texture within the following week. Please refer to the Rockcote Care Maintenance Guide for ongoing maintenance and solutions for problematic areas.

It is important that you set up a maintenance plan for your house regardless of your cladding, this should cover important exterior features of the house such as:-

  • Ground Clearances
  • Parapets
  • Window Mitres and Window Seals
  • Roofing elements including Spouting, internal gutters and fascia
  • Decks (membranes)
  • Protrusions from the house such as pipes, beams etc.

5.10.2. Guarantees/Warranties

The coating system must be applied by a PPCS Registered Plasterer Licensed to use Rockcote products and systems. A workmanship warranty is issued by the Rockcote Registered Plasterer for a period of five years. A guarantee is issued on behalf of the manufacturer covering materials, the period of the guarantee is dependant on whether a full Rockcote System has been applied. Refer to Rockcote System Project Guide for further information on Rockcote System Guarantee.