2.13 Check and Prepare Solid Filled Masonry

Preparation based on new substrate installations.

2.13.1.Preliminary Checks

Check all exposed surfaces of the substrate are straight, plumb and undamaged. Any loose material identified must be removed and replaced. Ensure pointing has cured according to manufacturers specifications.

2.13.2.Wall Alignment

Using a straight edge, check joints are smooth and that the wall is flat and true. The Render coating is not designed to straighten deviations which exceed the specified Rockcote Render System thickness.

2.13.3.Builder Supplied Flashings

Make sure all builder supplied flashings are in place. (Refer to Rockcote TradeSpec™ document 3.2 Builder Supplied Flashings) for a list of possible builder supplied flashings.

2.13.4.Liquid membrane flashings to openings

(Refer to 3.3 Liquid Membranes – Masonry and ICF Block)

2.13.5.Rockcote Flashing Installation

Refer to the flashings as outlined within the Rockcote RenderSpec™ section 5 and refer to their installation procedures in Rockcote TradeSpec™ document 3.1 Rockcote Flashings

2.13.6.Control / Expansion Joint Set outs

Control joints shall be included as specified in the New Zealand Concrete Masonry Manual and in any other locations specified by the manufacturer.

for more information about control joints refer to TradeSpec™ Document 1.4 – Control Joints

2.13.7.Clean Surface

When the substrate has been left for a period of time, dust and dirt may build up on the surface. This contamination must be removed prior to render application.


Before application of Render, apply masking to all joinery, pipes, roofs and all areas likely to be marked by the Render. Use drop cloths and ground covers to keep the working areas clean.

2.13.9.Improve adhesion

Wet the wall down, or use a solution of Rockcote Acrylbond and Water – ratio1 part Acrylbond: 4 parts water to minimise the suction of the substrate.

2.13.10.Colour selection

For further information on Light Reflectance Values (LRV) refer to TradeSpec™ Document 1.6 – Light Reflectance Values