Resene Construction Systems

‘Creating products which support rather than erode the natural environment is key to our planets future’

FlexCrete combines the durability and strength of concrete.

FlexCrete is a complete exterior plaster cladding system designed for use over new or existing structures.

FlexCrete is a medium weight, fibre reinforced, lightweight concrete panel which is screw fixed over a 20mm drainage cavity and finished with Rockcote premium coatings.

FlexCrete is sustainable as it incorporates 40% ‘new recyclable’ material in the form of flyash, this material is traditionally discarded into landfills. Flyash is recognised as a premium additive to high performance structures in the concrete industry.

FlexCrete manufacture uses less energy than other lightweight AAC products inturn the resources required to achieve our lightweight concrete is considerably less.

FlexCrete, less really is more.