Over three years ago Harry Puttock (Rockcote Representative – Central) investigated us being allowed as an alternative to the original specified product for one of Wellington’s largest weathertight remedial projects. The project ‘Stadium Gardens’.

This very well known project sits directly adjacent to the Wellington Stadium so most Wellingtonian’s were aware of the issues due mainly to the large tent covering the entire building for the remediation process.
Don and the team at Totara Coatings were successful in securing this major tender. Original cladding of direct fixed fibre cement sheet, was completely removed and reinstated with Monotek, and the Rockcote Monotek Finishing System with the added layer of full fibre glass mesh to the entire wall surface. Finished with Resene Aquashield to provide a superhydrophobic mineral paint system to the main levels, and the ground level completed with Resene Cool Colour black (over masonry) with Resene Graffitti Shield to add a solid and durable solution that will resist the carnage of the annual sevens tournament. Believe it or not – all this was undertaken with building being tenanted. An awesome result that will stand the test of Wellington’s weather extreme’s.

UPDATE:  Removed reference to incorrect statement ‘European coating system’ being removed off the existing building