Kiwi Property Head Office

Kiwi Property has been part of the New Zealand landscape since 1993. They have been busy developing best-in-class shopping centres and landmark office towers. But much more than that, they create wonderful spaces that New Zealanders can simply enjoy.
Complementing what they do for their clients they have completed their new level 7 office space in Auckland’s VERO tower.

The striking and memorable entry lobby is curved as a soft welcoming flow to the main office spaces.

These curved walls were finished with our Artisan, hand applied Rockcote Otsumigaki with slight distressing which provides a highly polished surface juxtaposed with matte distressing. The specialist finish is very tactile with an almost surreal depth to it.
Rockcote Otsumigaki has been designed to produce a subtle finish with a serene, natural look. It is particularly useful for finishes where a combination of lightly polished closed, and coarser open areas is sought.